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June 19 2015


Games Kholat uses true stories to beat Five Nights at Freddy’s

Kholat Games is a game based on the mysterious crash caused 9 fatalities scientists in 1959 in the mountains of Russia. The reason for this accident was taken as inspiration for horror game because it contained mysterious circumstances very difficult to explain.
Stories of ghosts scary though to where is just fiction and can not haunt us long because everyone thought it was just a story fabricated and totally hip true. Meanwhile, apart from the fact there are many strange stories that have yet to be answered as the mysterious disappearances, unexplained accident, creatures of legend … It really makes one must shudder at the thought. Five Nights at Freddy’s
Typically the horrific accident in 1959 in Russia’s Ural mountains Mountains as an example. Kolat Siakul mountain, located west of the Ural Mountains (Russia), has long been dubbed the “Mount corpse” because it has already happened to mysterious deaths in the same time can not be explained.

The expedition had all of 10 people – all the people in the group have experience in climbing to the tops Kholat Syakhl departure with the purpose of understanding the impact of altitude and extreme weather on human body people. This expedition from day 31/1, 15/2, any time to contact the group were cut off entirely and no one knew anything about the situation or their information again.

Search efforts of the authorities then showed all 9 people (one survived because of illness before the date set out report) among them died. Their tent was shattered and the bodies were found scattered around the state just wearing pajamas, barefoot. Causes of death was ruled as sudden hypothermia. A strange detail is in the hands of two people still have scorch marks.
An autopsy showed that all the tents were opened, the body did not show signs of resistance but on the skull had a fracture, two broken ribs still tongue of the variable climbers lost.

To date more than 50 years, the cause of death of the said expedition remains a mystery, and this story has often been netizens mention whenever discussing horror theme. Of course in today’s article, we will not go looking for answers to problems that even scientists have to give up, but instead is a game trying to reconstruct the tragedy through the images of the virtual world – Kholat.
Kholat as you can see is that it is named after the mountain where the mysterious crash above. Game built under the first-person perspective takes players to follow a character finding Ural Mountains mountains to discover what had happened to the ill-fated expedition. Kholat longer be led by Sean Bean – famous British actor (who participated in the blockbuster films like The Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, The Island …) promises to increase even more appealing for the game.
With graphics and sound are designed in harmony and in the company, this game promises to bring interesting surprises for players.

Source: http://www.fivenightsatfreddysdemo.com/games-kholat-uses-true-stories-to-beat-five-nights-at-freddys.html

June 08 2015


Fatal Frame 2 opponents Five Nights at Freddy’s will be filmed

Recently, the site of Japan’s Seventeen magazine has published information about the two famous models and Morikawa Ayami Nakajou its Aoi was officially chosen as the main role for the horror film based on the famous series of horror game Fatal Frame.

According to Koei Tecmo, films separate storyline unlike any version of this horror series. Takes place in the context of a remote town in the mountains, where Aya – young girl is attending aloof girls’ school here. The strange events begin to happen when the students turn mysteriously disappears, then their bodies were found in a state drowning. According to several witnesses recalled, these victims before missing both said they heard the voice of Aya after looking at a picture of a little girl. Five Nights at Freddy’s Demo The suspicion quickly focused on Aya, said that she was the perpetrator of the murder and one of her classmates – Michi begin the process of understanding to clarify the matter. The two main roles in the film Fatal Frame will be two actors and Morikawa Aoi Nakajou Ayami undertook. Some new images of the film also shows the beautiful appearance of two popular models.

Surely most fans of the horror genre games everyone knows about the famous series Fatal Frame game on PlayStation. Unlike the majority of the game takes players now often fall into the situation to desperately escape and virtually no way of destroying his fears, Fatal Frame from Koei Tecmo has chosen one Other approaches more special. This has helped the game impressed with the player.

According to the tradition of this game series, you’ll be playing the lovely heroine unfortunately lost in the village or the spooky haunted mansion in Japan. They did not flee like the Slender or Outlast, nor equipped with sophisticated weapons like Resident Evil or Deadspace to confront the monster that endearing heroine will have to confront your fears by taking back photos of ghosts mutated unclean by camera “Camera Obscura”. But this camera only captures a very limited number of pictures. The camera has the power to destroy the ghost image was captured. However, do not be so wasteful of images. Try to shoot accurately. And to increase the thrills of the game, the best way to kill them is just before they kill the main character. This is also the reason why the game is named Fatal Frame – translated as “critical picture”. But through what Koei Tecmo revealed about the film, we have not seen this specific element in the film. It seems that this film manufacturers are looking to secrecy about the film until the last minute.

Source: http://www.fivenightsatfreddysdemo.com/fatal-frame-2-opponents-five-nights-at-freddys-will-be-filmed.html

The horror film fans will not have to wait too long because the movie promises to be released in autumn this year. Currently, information on the sidelines of the film led to the public very much looking forward to this special debut.

June 03 2015


Five Nights father games at Freddy’s raising money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital

A big surprise to the community just loves the game and above all the children at St. Jude Children’s Hospital.
If asked the “world outside the game,” think about us, surely the answer will not bring many beautiful parts. However, contrary to the harsh look ridiculous, the game has contributed many good things for real life. Research helps the patient rehabilitation by playing the game, the developers commemorate the dead through virtual characters, or Skyrim world to help people forget the pain of losing his sister … just a few examples demonstrate good things can still parallels here.

That’s when a special guest visit Dawko youtube channel, which is in the process of organizing charity events through the stream Game Five Nights at Freddy’s. Dawko plans to organize a campaign to call for help from the gaming community to St. Jude Children’s Hospital (St. Jude Children’s Hospital). All purpose which is sent towards full Dawko 15,000 USD for non-children’s hospitals operations turned a profit based in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.

But 15,000 USD milestones set at the beginning not only push down, but soon overcome expected to take .. 17 times. Because as soon as the campaign progresses, the father of the title Five Nights at Freddy’s was stopped by Scott Cawthon of Dawko channel and donations amounting to 250,000 USD. Ie at about 5.3 billion VND for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. This action is really a very nice gesture, especially when Scott Cawthon just a single individual, not holding companies big or popular team game.

St. Jude is a hospital specializing in the research and treatment of rare diseases and strange happens with young children. The most special thing about St. Jude is the purpose of non-profit activities of the hospital, meaning according names which they named after saints: “On behalf of the people desperate and distraught”. Coming to St. Jude, the unfortunate children infected will be treated for free, even if the cost of living, accommodation of relatives take care well not to mind. Even the meal and their travel expenses are also paid the hospital stands out. For a country like the United States, where insurance is an extremely important thing in fees, then at St. Jude, children are treated with full support for free, whether or not insurance .

With the principle of operating at high levels of his beautiful, St. Jude has been operating over 53 years, contributing significantly to the increase in survival in childhood cancer from 20 to 80 percent. Although named after a patron saint, but St. Jude is not a Christian hospital, without distinction of religion, wealth, social status of the patient to treatment. St. Jude with many organizations and affiliations, still works tirelessly around the United States, even take the help of more than 70 countries around the world.
Needless to say a lot, a place that is fighting every day to win the life of the children are not so lucky, will become the perfect destination for the right amount of community contribution. Scott Cawthon and Dawko are typical cases, but certainly not the only example in the coming future.

Fonte: http://www.fivenightsatfreddysdemo.com/five-nights-father-games-at-freddys-raising-money-for-st-jude-childrens-hospital.html

May 28 2015


Five Nights at Freddy’s 3: know the history of the new horror game

Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 was recently added to the section Steam Greenlight digital store, which determines which games will be sold on Steam future. The title page in the service revealed the first details of the third installment of the horror series and released a teaser video full of suspense.
Five Nights at Freddy’s: see the terrifying story behind the game

The story is set thirty years after the second game, when the events that happened in the pizzeria Fazbear Five Nights at Freddy’s Demo Pizza became just distant rumors and the establishment is already closed many years ago. However, the new owners decide to reopen it as a kind of haunted house, finding an animatronic doll among the items left behind.
Apparently as in other chapters of the series, the animatronic doll comes alive at night, being taken over by a killer instinct. Images show the return of the camera system, where you keep the doll under surveillance, but also exhibit a failure on systems that can add more new features to the gameplay.

Source: http://www.fivenightsatfreddysdemo.com/five-nights-at-freddys-3-know-the-history-of-the-new-horror-game.html

May 22 2015


True story behind Five Nights At Freddy’s

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Description: A barbaric massacre, which was likely the inspiration for Scott Cawthon building plot for the hit horror game of this.
22h, Tuesday, December 1993, at Chucke Cheese’s Pizza stores, Colorado, USA.
After a birthday celebration, Margaret management, employees Sylvia, Ben Grant, Colin Steven O’Conor and Bobby had to stay late to close the store without knowing the presence of Friday in the same building with them – 19-year-old Nathan kitchen. Nathan is the employee was fired from 5 months ago by disagreements over the time, and now he’s back, quietly hiding in rooms. Manage Margaret was counting money in the cash register, Bobby is in the kitchen, the other 3 are cleaning the lobby.
22h05, Nathan pulled out a pistol and started killing people for the purpose of revenge. Firstly, Sylvia, then Ben and Colin were killed. Nathan continues toward the kitchen where Bobby is working and shot into his jaw, Bobby lay motionless in the kitchen. And when Margaret open safe, she suffered two shots from the killer. Nathan then took all the money more than 1600 USD and smuggled out the back door. Thanks to video surveillance, police in front of him after a few hours, then Nathan was arrested and executed.
So why is this inhumane story relates to  five nights at freddy’s download? Let’s take a look at the strange overlap.
Similarity of time
Five Nights At the time that Freddy’s place is in the context of mystery, but I’m sure it must be after 1987 due to the fact that “The bite of ’87”. Brand Chuke Cheese’s most prosperous development in the late 80 early 90 So there is a similarity in time.
Similarity of wages:
If 6 hours per night for 5 nights, such as 30 hours. The money we received after the 5th night is 120 USD, we calculate the hours of 4 hours.
The minimum wage in the US in 1991 was 4.25 USD, to 1996, it was increased to 5 USD. So if you add the amount of tax actually be located in the minimum wage between 1991 and 1996. So it seems titles are set in from 1991 to 1996, coinciding with the story of Nathan belongs to 1993.
Perpetrator kidnapped five children in games caught by a security camera in the same way that Nathan was arrested in the case in 93. Moreover, although not mentioned, but we can clearly see that the perpetrator of 5 child abduction is probably old employee at the restaurant, where he easily example 5 children disappear in Fazbear by Freddy knew too well the store. Nathan also, also a veteran employees work at Chucke kneading bread Cheese’s.
The victims
In the game based on the posters we know have 5 kids missing, the assassination has five victims. True story behind Five Nights At Freddy’s – image 7Vay 5 beast machine data representing five victims of murder?

‘Cute teddy bear’ will return in Five Nights at Freddy’s 3

Keywork: 5 nights at Freddy’s, Cute teddy bear, Five Nights at Freddy, five nights at freddy’s, five nights at freddy’s 2, five nights at freddy’s 3, five nights at freddy’s 4, five nights at freddy’s demo,five nights at freddy’s download, five nights at freddy’s free, five nights at freddy’s game, five nights at freddy’s games, five nights at freddy’s story, Five Nights at Freddys, fnaf, fnaf 2, fnaf 3, fnaf 4,
Description: The next section of line Horror Game Five Nights at Freddy’s has officially been confirmed with fans.
The new mobile game launches on Android (Part 1) The Conjuring the Five Nights At Freddy’s 2Half Life 3 version continues to launch ‘joke’ next
If you are a fan of the horror genre is probably no one is unaware of the name Five Nights at Freddy’s. With version 2 was released on 18/08 and 10/11 last year, the game was to see his success even a indie game with a very low investment cost.
Recently, developer Scott Cawthon said that he still did not want to sleep on the victory with two early versions that have embarked on the 3rd section immediately Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 am in the implementation phase and about to be launched. However, he remained true nature seems to surprise his game when not reveal much about the first version 3. And the fans are wondering, ‘When was the success with the first two versions, Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 will continue in the same direction or to choose a new fork? “
Mr. Scott also shared that the volume of work to do in Five Nights at Freddy’s demo 3 will be equivalent to the first two, so likely the game will be released in February or March next, ie approximately 3 months schedule 2 of the previous section. Really announced by developer Scott has made a lot of fans of the game and in particular fan of horror genre in general must feel very excited.

May 18 2015


Games Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sounds to the success

Keywork: 5 nights at Freddy’s, Five Nights at Freddy, five nights at freddy’s, five nights at freddy’s 2, five nights at freddy’s 3, five nights at freddy’s 4, five nights at freddy’s demo, five nights at freddy’s download, five nights at freddy’s free, five nights at freddy’s game, five nights at freddy’s games, five nights at freddy’s story, Five Nights at Freddys, fnaf, fnaf 2, fnaf 3, fnaf 4,
Description: To be honest I do not appreciate paragraph sounds good but we still do their role is to cover bad game or a layer covering the half-hearted horror. First thing, the sound, they really jarring. If players are having problems listening, I do not recommend to speakers or headphones at loud volumes. The buzzer sound from the camera has successfully completed the task is causing headaches for the players mind, however, this has made the game a little more scared. Of course, between a deserted area, heard the buzzer anyone have bumps and strong.
But most puzzling to me is the only companion of his – a voice coming from the phone. That’s warnings and instructions of the came before him, but why do you have to know where strange things happen, they do not always recommend that people do quit?
Returning to the issue of music in the game Five Nights at Freddys demo. Although a bit jarring, but quite good and consistent with spatial context of the game and it still brings a focus to something that makes me sweat even though the temperature is at 15 degrees C. It is true that the success of a product of horror lies in the sound.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 3: the end of a ‘nightmare’

Keywork: 5 nights at Freddy’s, Five Nights at Freddy, five nights at freddy’s, five nights at freddy’s 2, five nights at freddy’s 3, five nights at freddy’s 4, five nights at freddy’s demo, five nights at freddy’s download, five nights at freddy’s free, five nights at freddy’s game, five nights at freddy’s games, five nights at freddy’s story, Five Nights at Freddys, fnaf, fnaf 2, fnaf 3, fnaf 4,
Description: PC-Console Newsletter 03/03: Freddy Bear, Half Life 3 is the main character. Five Nights at Freddy’s third surprise appearance at Freddy’s on SteamFive Nights 2 and 3 and Lucius ejaculating first reveal trailer
Yesterday, when unexpectedly struck Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 on Steam has made many surprise. Not stopping there, the developer Scott Cawthon has posted another photo again to continue disturbing for gamers love this game in particular and the community in general video game.
Contents picture nothing but the center is placed a cap of Freddy – items familiar to players of the previous two. Many gamers have said that when he saw the image hat was put on this earth to think about the rest, a sign of the end. Affordable, after 3 parts, Scott Cawthon want to put “the adorable teddy bear” retired? There has been a lot of speculation by fans launched.
Anyway all is still questionable. Five Nights at Freddy’s Demo really the end or not, we still need to wait for a final confirmation from Cawthon. Or, most likely, was tired, Scott Cawthon temporary resting time before embarking on the next part is reasonable?
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